Fractional CO2 Laser Treatments

Pimples Scar Treatment

Pimples are highly annoying and harsh to get rid of them. These unneeded inflammations caused by the sebaceous glands having a bacterial infection can cause uneasiness, embarrassment, and less than ideal. srinivas skin and laser clinic performs best acne treatment in Nellore, With high Technical laser equipment and surveillance of Dermatologists So how do you go forth with getting Pimple treatment in Nellore?. srinivas skin and laser clinic providing with the best packages and special offers.


Everyone dreams of an unblemished skin but let us face it; it does not turn true for all. skin pigmentation treatment in Nellore srinivas skin and laser clinic helps in it. skin pigmentation can be quite bothersome and disturbing but still, it is likely to get a complexion free of all blemishes. Our skin contains melanocyte cells that produce melanin. Melanin gives our skin its color. As we get older, our skin loses its glow and begins to get blemished; ageing spots and other blemishes some of the problems we struggle with. Aside from these skin discolorations, we also combat with other signs of aging such as sagging and wrinkle. The great news is that there are helpful solutions to these skin issues, skin pigmentation treatment in nellore srinivas skin and laser clinic.

Warts Removal

There are many ways to remove common warts from the skin (such as on the fingers, feet, and knees). Talk to your doctor about which treatment is right for you. Also talk with your doctor before treating warts on your face.  by applying salicylic acid, cantharidin, liquid nitrogen.

Moles Removal

Treatment methods for removing moles from your body involve techniques like curettage and electrodessication with the help of a sharp knife or scalpel or with a curette. Moles can also be removed without stitches by simply shaving it off with a scalpel from the surface of the skin or may be just below the skin level.  The technique is useful for removal of moles that have gone deep into the skin and also useful for removing more than one mole at a time. With the punch biopsy technique, smaller skin moles can be punched out with a special instrument.