Pico Laser

Tatto Removal

For a permanent tattoo removal procedure, Cutis’s laser treatment is hands down, the best option. Laser tattoo removal is not a quick process, usually requiring 4-6 treatment sessions to begin seeing a true improvement in the lessening of the tattoo pigments. This is partly because tattooed skin contains many pigments that are solid particles in need of fragmentation.This laser assisted fragmentation is done via laser technology that utilizes different heat frequencies and pulse types to create a breakdown, and eventual removal, of the colors that make the tattoo.

Nevus Removal

A person may wish to get rid of nevus for cosmetic reasons, the most common methods of removal include numbing and shaving the nevus off, or cutting out the entire lesion and stitching the area closed, or a scar less radio frequency excision. The hair over the nevus can be clipped close to the skin’s surface, or removed permanently with electrolysis or laser.

Moles Removal

Treatment methods for removing moles from your body involve techniques like curettage and electrodessication with the help of a sharp knife or scalpel or with a curette. Moles can also be removed without stitches by simply shaving it off with a scalpel from the surface of the skin or may be just below the skin level.  The technique is useful for removal of moles that have gone deep into the skin and also useful for removing more than one mole at a time. With the punch biopsy technique, smaller skin moles can be punched out with a special instrument.